How to Manage Disappointment of an Award Loss

It can be hugely disappointing when someone else’s name is announced as the winner of the award. And it’s hard to put on your ‘I didn’t win but I’m happy for the person who did’ face, so here are some tips on how to manage the disappointment when you haven’t won the award this time round… 


When you’re back home from the awards night and the dust has settled, it’s important to not dwell on the award loss.  This will only make you feel bitter and a true businessperson should use the loss as a way to better themselves for next time around.


Tips for Managing an Award Loss

  • Put things in perspective: Remember that not winning an award doesn’t define your worth or abilities. Awards are subjective, and many factors can influence the decision-making process. Reflect on your accomplishments and the effort you put into your work. Just putting yourself out there shows that you are setting yourself apart from others in your industry.  Read more on this from an article by Forbes here.


  • Focus on the journey, not just the destination: Winning an award is a great achievement, but it’s important to appreciate the journey and the personal growth that comes with it. Acknowledge the hard work and progress you’ve made in your business to even make it onto the shortlist.  


  • Seek feedback: If possible, ask for feedback from the judges or organizers of the award. Constructive criticism can help you understand where you can improve and how you can increase your chances in the future. 


  • Practice self-compassion: Treat yourself with kindness and understanding. Avoid self-criticism and negative self-talk. Remind yourself that everyone faces setbacks and failures at some point. 


  • Set new goals: Use the disappointment as motivation to set new goals and work toward achieving them. Channel your energy and frustration into improving your skills or pursuing new opportunities. 


  • Celebrate your achievements: Getting onto the shortlist is no mean feat. Of the hundreds of entries that the judges go through, to be recognised in the top 10%, is an incredible achievement in itself.  


  • It’s a numbers game: Awards happen annually. With planning and a strategy in place you can enter again the following year. The more you enter, the more likely you are to win.  


  • Learn from the experience: Research the winning companies to understand more about why you didn’t win the award. Why not even chat to them at the dinner to find out some of their secrets! 


  • Keep going: Remember that disappointments are a part of life, and they can be valuable learning experiences. Use them as stepping stones, stay focused on the next and create a plan for the coming year.  


Final Thoughts

Remember, winning isn’t always everything, as we’ve discussed in a previous article.  However, it is what you do after an award loss that is the most crucial.  Hiding isn’t the way to go, instead you should be embracing it and using it as an opportunity to work on your weaker areas, ready to come back stronger the following year.

Just because you didn’t win, it also doesn’t mean you still can’t shout out about being a finalist.  Being a finalist is really great publicity for your business and demonstrates that you are working hard to improve.  Use this as a time to reflect and be proud of your achievements!


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