Here are our top reasons why you should work with an award writer!

An award writing expert specialises in crafting compelling and persuasive award nominations. They understand the criteria of the award and the key elements of what the judges are looking for in an entry and have the knowledge of pulling all this together in a narrative that keeps the integrity of a company at heart.

They possess a deep understanding of the criteria for various awards and have the ability to tailor entry to effectively highlight the achievements and contributions of the nominee.


The benefits of using a professional award writing expert are many, with one of the biggest being time.

Writing an award can often take up to 12 hours to complete, which many companies simply cannot spare from their day-to-day tasks of running the business.  An awards writing expert will offer an objective review of a business, identify the stories which will be of interest to the judges and help the business to delve deeper by backing it up with further figures and evidence.

An awards expert will help to pull out the most compelling stories that will enhance an application and help them to stand out from competitors.

Many awards applications and their websites can be confusing, and time-consuming to navigate; however, award writing experts will be familiar with how these various sites are laid out.  It is important when entering that all the information is correct and submitted by the deadline date set by the awarding body, if an element is incorrect, then it can sometimes affect whether the entry is accepted or not.


Award writers are more likely to be successful in generating a finalist or winning entry. They have a wealth of experience, talk to the award organisers or even judge other entries themselves so they know what makes a good entry and what will get marked down.

Peace of Mind

Another benefit of using an awards expert is peace of mind.  As mentioned previously, every business has its own unique story and background which needs to be handled with professionalism and integrity, and with the knowing that any sensitive information is being treated with care, privacy, and with relevant non-disclosure agreements in place.

An expert awards writer will also ensure that your application uses the correct spellings and grammar, giving you full peace of mind that your entry is professional, and up to the standards require by the judging panel.

Knowledge and Experience

Professional awards writers have a wealth of industry knowledge and experience in which they invest into each award entry for their clients. They are experts in writing awards using the style and techniques that will impress the judging panel and generate positive results for the clients.

The judges will often seek out the business that has the most compelling story, one that highlights their success and achievements.  An awards expert will know just how to convey your story into what the judges want to read and what is required within the award specification, ensuring that nothing is missed off.

When entering an award, the specification usually requires a strict word count which can often be crucial part of becoming shortlisted or not.  An awards expert knows how to utilise these word counts to maximise empathy and achievements, whilst being concise and straight to the point.

Most businesses will be unsure of what the best award or category to enter will be.  An awards writer not only writes the entry for you and gathers the supporting materials needed, but they will also ensure that the correct and most beneficial category is selected, and the one that the business is most likely to succeed in.

Some businesses will choose to write their award entry themselves, however, most awards writers will offer an editing service to fine-tune what you’ve written and ensure it meets the judging criteria. Find out more about our Check and Send Service here 

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Here at Pure Awards, we ensure our clients begin with a strategic awards plan to map out which awards are best suited to their achievements and guide this process with initial consultations and in-depth discussions.

We manage the entire awards process from start to finish, from collating the information and evidence, writing and submitting the entries, to preparing the supporting evidence and writing any press releases post event to take advantage of the PR opportunities as they arise.

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