Why You Should Include Price on Your Website

Have you ever wondered about putting the prices of your goods or services on your website, but then backed out because you were worried that your buyers would be put off?  

If you answered yes, then here is why you need to rethink this immediately!  

Putting prices on your website is a very controversial topic, and one that most people go against.   

You might be worried that the buyers will go directly to your competition, however, the likelihood is that your competition also don’t have prices on their website.  Therefore, by including them you are already one step ahead of your competition.   


Why is it important? 

Put yourself in the shoes of your buyers for a moment…  

Customers like websites that are easy to navigate, solve a problem they have, or answer their questions.   


When companies don’t put prices on their websites it leaves buyers feeling frustrated very quickly.  Why? Because buyers feel as though they are wasting their time!  

Throughout the buying process, consumers will have several questions whirring in their mind that they need answers to before making a decision and committing to purchase your product or service.  Price is often one of the biggest, if not most important question that they will have – how much does it cost, and will I get value for my money?  

“When asked to prioritise what site information mattered most to customers, prices scored highest.  29% higher than the second most important detail, product availability”.  (Jakob Nielson)  


Imagine this…  

Think of when you’re out shopping on the high street, particularly window shopping in this instance.  What usually happens when you see an item in the window you like the look of, but there is no price tag on there? Most of the time you walk straight past and don’t end up buying!  

Your website can be seen by a buyer as ‘window shopping’ prior to them making any formal decisions.   

We are living in a generation that wants answers to things instantly, not after spending hours trawling a website to find out that there are no prices visible, and then spending more time getting in contact with you directly to find out how much something costs.  It not only wastes the buyers’ time, but it wastes yours too by constantly having to get back to potential customers with information that should be clearly displayed.   

Even if you provide a custom service and you find that your prices typically vary, it is still important to include a price range for customers.  Although they may not know the exact price until they begin the order process, they will at least have some gauge in their minds of the investment they are about to make with you.   

Buyers can sometimes experience unaffordability beliefs when a price is not displayed, thinking that if they cannot see the price, they simply won’t be able to afford the item or service.  This is very limiting to any potential new customers, meaning you could be losing out on sales.   


So, why should you include price on your website?  

It builds trust – By including the prices of your goods or services on your website it helps to build a buyers’ trust more easily.  Buyers like companies that are open, honest, and transparent.  Without showing your prices clearly, buyers can sometimes be led to think that you are hiding something from them.   

Improves your SEO – Because not everyone puts prices on their website it means you can be clever with the keywords use you.  People will often search online for things such as ‘How much does XYZ cost?’, or ‘What is the price of XYZ?’.  Therefore, by including prices on your site it can help search engines to direct more traffic and subsequently lead to more buyers.   

Improves customer experience – In this digital world, your customers want their questions answered instantly.  By including price, this fulfils a time-efficient need for them and leads to quicker sales, making them more likely to become a repeat customer in the future, or recommend you to their friends and family.   

Brings in more quality customers – No business wants customers that are merely time wasters.  By including price on your website, it cuts out the time wasters that are not serious about buying from you and instead attracts quality customers.   


Including price on your website may be a controversial topic, but one we feel brings an abundance of benefits.

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