Why should you schedule your social media content?  

Social media can be a very time-consuming part of your marketing as a business, especially when there’s so many other areas that you need to dedicate your time to.   

However, social media is also incredibly important and building your presence online will not only grow your client base, but also increase your sales too. The more quality content that you can create, the more different people will start to see you.    

Scheduling social media content has been around for a while, but there are so many benefits that businesses still aren’t aware of or utilising to their full potential.   

So, let’s find out about the benefits below of why you should schedule your social media content.  


5 Key Benefits of Scheduling your Social Media Content –  

  • Saves Time – Scheduling your social media content will help you save time overall. Each week you can spend a few dedicated hours planning the following weeks content and set it all to schedule on the days that you require. This in turn allows you more free time in the long run because you will have an organised and consistent plan, rather than fumbling at the last minute to create some content because you need something to post. 
  • Consistency – It also helps you to stay consistent of when you post, which helps your followers and clients know to expect from you and helps to influence your brand awareness. Consistency online is key and it gives your followers a reason to keep coming back.  
  • Easier to Plan – When you schedule your content it makes it much easier to plan exactly what you want to share and when. Occasionally, it can be difficult to work out what you want to post especially if you are a service-based company, and without proper planning it becomes very easy to post things frantically that don’t always get the best engagement.  
  • Offline Posting – Scheduling is great because it allows you to still be posting content even when you are offline, helping you to still reach your audience at peak viewing times. Let’s be honest, we aren’t all available 24/7 in the digital world, but you still want to be able to catch your audience at times when they will see your posts without them getting lost in the algorithm. Offline posting is your best friend, because even if you are in a meeting or away on holiday, you can still get your content out there efficiently.   
  • Analytics – It can be easier to measure your analytics and engagement by posting consistently at the same time each week as it provides a more accurate result. Most scheduling apps will also provide analytics for you, making it even easier to see which posts have done well and which you may need to review going forward.   


There are many different apps you can use when scheduling your content, the main ones being within the social media platform itself, such as LinkedIn and Instagram.  But there are other outside apps that you can consider trying, including Preview, SocialPilot and Later.  It is worth having a look into the different apps to see which one will work best for your company and needs when it comes down to your social media presence.   


How far should you be scheduling your content?  

It’s easy to get excited when you first start to schedule your posts and sometimes than can mean scheduling too far in advance.  Ideally, you should be scheduling your content 2-4 weeks in advance.  This is because you need to keep things relevant within the ever-changing world and that way you can adapt your content if needs be and stay up to date with any changes or new information within your industry.   


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