Why I Decided to Enter Awards

Being an award writer often means not getting around to entering awards for yourself, but last year our director and founder, Lucinda White decided it was time to lead by example and show future clients just how important entering business awards are.

Lucinda, who has recently achieved a spot on the f:entrepreneur #IAlso100 list for 2024 feels it’s so important to lead by example and push herself and the business forward.  Read on to find out what she has to say.


What was your decision process?

I felt that the last few years have been quite transformational for the company through building our brand, having a greater level of activity on social media, and communication to our network through LinkedIn newsletters and from our own mailing.  We have had great success with generating new business and establishing ourselves within the network as the go-to place for anything to do with awards.

Seeing our clients being so successful in the awards led me to want to lead by example and put myself forward, but also push myself outside of my comfort zone.  The testimonials we have had from clients have been outstanding, and if we can do it for them, why can’t we do it for ourselves as a business too? Not only are we committing to an excellent service for our clients, but also excellence for ourselves in paving the way for how business awards are viewed.

As a business, we’ve also seen significant financial growth between 2021-2023, so that was something we wanted to showcase as an achievement.


Was it challenging to find time to write your own award entries as well as those you write for your clients? 

Yes absolutely. I always say it is harder to write about yourself and boast your own achievements in comparison to writing about the achievements of other businesses.  Which is one of the reasons so many clients come to us for their award writing needs!

When I sat down to start writing my own award, I just tried to implement my own top tips that I would share with others and followed my own system.  Time-management was certainly challenging because I couldn’t allow my own award to get in the way of clients’, however, I knew I had to make the time, which has definitely paid off in the end.


We know it’s difficult to shout out about our own achievements, so how did you find this process? 

This process was challenging but good as it allowed us to identify the key success points, bring the details out and expand on them and then help us shout about them.  Entering awards is such a great way of getting a bird’s eye view of your business and helpful in seeing what has worked and what might need reviewing.  It was helpful to delve deeper and see where we had the success i.e. within our grant writing service, we raised almost £750k and this has gone above that already in 2024!

It’s important to shine a light on your achievements because otherwise they risk getting lost within the day-to-day of business and before you know it the year is over, and you aren’t even sure what you did.


How did you decide which awards to enter? 

Using my system – looking at the key achievements in my business and letting that guide the focus.  As part of our awards service, we offer a Strategic Awards Planner, which is comprehensive guide covering the next 12 months of relevant awards based on the successes, achievements and developments in your business.  I used this as a basis when choosing what awards I should enter and followed my system.

I also looked at female-led awards.  Over the years, I have always had great success with these for clients so wanted to use them for myself too.  Again, I wanted to lead by example for other female entrepreneurs and show them what is possible within the awards area, and how it can help to propel their business forward.


Do you plan to enter any more awards in the future? 

Of course!  Strategically, I want to showcase my abilities as a leader/female entrepreneur and also for the business.

If you would like to showcase your business’ achievements and successes over the last 12 months, and win some awards in 2024, get in touch today!


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