Why Females Should Enter Business Awards

As an award writing company, we talk about awards – a lot! We feel passionate about uplifting fellow female entrepreneurs and business owners, so in this post, we’re talking about why females should enter business awards.

We want businesswomen to feel empowered and recognised for their entrepreneurships and hard work.  Juggling work and home life can be challenging, but owning and running a business on top of that can be extremely difficult at times.  It’s important to celebrate achievements and challenge gender stereotypes, and business awards can do just that.  If you’re a woman in business or know a woman who owns her own company, you need to read on!


What can business awards do for female entrepreneurs?


  • Inspiration – Entering awards as a female can generate positive effects within the community and help to inspire others to go after their dreams. It encourages other women to put themselves forward and celebrate their achievements.  Imposter syndrome is real, and by stepping out of your comfort zone and entering business awards, it can help overcome that.  You deserve to gain confidence in your business and embrace your successes.  Sometimes, in the midst of running a business, it’s easy to forget about the smaller achievements that add up over time.  Awards are a journey and you will gain a lot of valuable insights and recognise your worth throughout the process.


  • Challenges Gender Stereotypes – Even in today’s world there is still a lot of bias around females in business and awards can help to change that. By providing a powerful counter-narrative, awards can assist in the gender equality that is needed and increase female representation.


  • Networking Opportunities – Awards bring together successful industry leaders and influential clientele, and provide great opportunities to network, whether you win or not. By entering female business awards, you will be surrounding yourself with other inspirational, driven women and form valuable connections.  These connections can be there to provide support during challenging times and can even assist in creating collaborations in the future.  Winning awards often comes with a lot of PR opportunities and chances to showcase your business through talks and mentoring.  Not only are they a great way to get your business seen by people who may not usually know about it, but the opportunities for self-development and improvement are astounding.



Final Thoughts

Business awards can provide many opportunities for growth within your business.  Female led awards help you to stand out amongst competitors, challenge gender stereotypes, celebrate your successes, and promote gender equality within business.  It can help inspire the younger generations and provide them with ambitious goals and dreams to strive towards.

If you’d like to gain unique exposure and visibility for your company, build your networks and honour your achievements through business awards, then get in touch today to find out how we can help make that happen.

Let’s create a positive environment around building women up, celebrating achievements and inspiring others!

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