Why business awards are still relevant…

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    With so many local business awards either being cancelled or postponed, you may decide to put some of your marketing on hold, including entering awards. You may need to focus your energy on surviving this awful time in our history and prioritise your health, your team, and making sure your business still exists in a few months’ time. You may also think you don’t have a story to tell, you can’t think about it right now, all I need to do is just get through the next few months and deal with it in 2021.

    To be honest, I have also had these thoughts. But in reality, what we are going through right now is unprecedented. None of us knew exactly the impact this virus would have on us and our businesses or the economic fall out that we will have to deal with over the next few years. It’s OK to feel like everything is a bit odd, because quite frankly it is!

    I have never spent so much time with my children and husband! I have actually enjoyed the forced weeks of calm though home-schooling has been a challenge to say the least (but that’s a whole other blog!). And I must admit I have drunk more wine than I should have (blame home-schooling) and eaten way more meals in a day than I needed to (also blame home-schooling and ‘break-times’), but for the most part it has been OK.  We have got through it.

    I have used the time to reflect and take stock of my family life, my aspirations, goals and really look at my business in depth. I have received some business coaching, attended webinars with mind-set coaches Dr Demartini and Tony Robbins, begun to learn the ins and outs of property investing and started to make big plans in this area. I have done a rebrand and launched this new website, formed partnerships with more award organisers and actually been crazy busy writing awards for my lovely clients.

    So I suppose the point of this is to say that every business has a story to tell. It might not be the one you want to shout about right now but if you look deep enough you will see how you are growing and developing, adapting and learning new ideas, skills and ways of working. You will have had some successes and perhaps some failures too, but it is critical that you document what you are doing and how you are overcoming these challenges. This is great evidence from an awards perspective and something the judges will be interested in reading. If you’ve had a difficult few months, write it all out and keep it updated as the months go by. This is about working on your business so when you do come to enter awards, whether it is some of the national events in 2020 or the local and regional ones in 2021, the information will be there and you can make a start.

    And if you are entering business awards this year, fantastic – keep going! The pool of entries will likely be fewer but the competition will still be as strong. Awards are incredibly rewarding and represent everything we need right now so if you have a great story to tell, enter an award and inject some positivity into your business and industry.


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