Why Being Uncomfortable is Really Pushing You Forward…

As humans we naturally gravitate towards things that feel safe and comfortable, but that place of comfort rarely brings growth along with it.  Being uncomfortable can propel progress and personal growth and can really push you forward.  But why is it important to break out of your comfort zone every now and then?  

‘Without growth, we’ll never truly be happy – and without learning how to get comfortable being uncomfortable, we’ll never truly grow.’ Tony Robbins.  


Here are some of the reasons behind why being uncomfortable can advance your personal development:  

  • Learning and Adapting – When you step outside of your comfort zone it’s only natural that feelings of discomfort will arise.  This is often because you are trying new and unfamiliar things or taking on challenges that may seem daunting.  During these new and challenging circumstances, your brain becomes more focused, and your state of awareness is heightened.   


  • Stepping out of Your Comfort Zone – We’ve mentioned in a previous post that staying within the confines of your comfort zone it limits your growth and harbours self-doubt.  By breaking out of your comfort zone you will build your confidence, be more open to new experiences and challenge any limiting beliefs.   


  • Motivation – Being uncomfortable can be a very powerful motivational tool.  It drives you to take action and set goals within your life.  Setting realistic goals that are measurable can give you a sense of fulfilment upon completing them. 


  • Builds Resilience – Building resilience comes from confronting discomfort and facing challenges.  Resilience helps you to navigate setbacks and obstacles with more ease and can help you to overcome adversity.   


  • Embracing Change – The only constant in life is change, so learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable is an important step.  By learning to navigate change more easily, you will become better equipped for success because you’ll be less bogged down by the little things.   


  • Increased Confidence – By overcoming challenging situations you will reinforce your brain that you can do difficult things.  Your self-belief and confidence will grow by stepping out of your comfort zone and navigating challenges, and it will also enhance your problem-solving skills.   


Final Thoughts  

Sujan Patel, former contributor to Forbes online says ‘sure, no one likes feeling uncomfortable, but it’s a big part of improving your performance, creativity and learning in the long run.’   

Being uncomfortable is paramount for success, and while comfort provides us with a deep sense of security, it isn’t a place for growth or learning.  Embracing discomfort from time to time will foster your personal development and lead to a more successful and fulfilled life.   

By getting out of your comfort zone and trying new and unfamiliar situations, it triggers the release of dopamine in the brain – dopamine being the feel-good, happy chemical.  If you manage to get over the initial feelings that come with being uncomfortable you can truly excel your success and overall happiness in your life.   

So, what are you waiting for? Step out of your comfort zone and start pushing yourself forward into growth and success.   


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