Award writing is the process of creating written content to be used in business award nominations. Typically, award writing involves gathering information from a business about their service or product, researching past entries, and analysing the award criteria.

Award writing involves identifying and presenting the most compelling and relevant information about an individual, organisation, or project so that it meets the specific requirements of said award and tells a story that will stand out to the judging panel.

It also involves creating a narrative that showcases the distinctive and outstanding qualities of the individual or project that is being nominated. The goal of award writing is to persuade the panel of judges that the candidate or project is worthy of the award or recognition.

When writing an award, it is important to highlight the individual’s or business’ achievements by being specific and providing clear examples for the judging panel.

Generally, an awards entry requires a strict word count, therefore it is important to be concise and to the point when creating the submission.

80% of buyers will purchase from an award-winning business over a non-award-winning business. 

So, how can we help?

Here at Pure Awards, we have over 16 years of experience within the award-writing industry, and we strive to write winning award entries for outstanding companies and entrepreneurs in all industries and sectors, so they receive the recognition they deserve to build sustainable businesses for the future.

We have various award entry options and packages available depending on your needs. These range from our Strategic Award Planner, Check and Send option and our Full Writing Service.

Each option is tailored directly to your needs as we morph ourselves into your business so that we can fully understand and showcase your achievements and highlight the stories that the judging panel are looking for.

If you’re in need of a full guide that outlines the next 12 months of relevant awards for your business, then our Strategic Awards Planner is for you.

Have you already written your entry, but just aren’t sure if it meets the correct criteria that the judges are looking for? Then we can help proofread and provide the professional polish that will wow the panel with our Check and Send service.

Our Full Writing Service may be what you’re looking for if you aren’t sure on where to begin and need our help from start to finish.

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Here are some kind words from some of our previous clients…

“Having used Pure Awards for over twelve months, I would not recommend anyone over them.  The service is professional, succinct, and systemised, more importantly it gets you into awards you would never put the time into entering.  Lucinda helped us to not only national finalist positions, but also secured winners at regional and national level. Exceptional from start to finish.”

 Jon Asquith, ActionCOACH Sheffield

“I must say that your service and support has been very good and very much appreciated, and we would most certainly keep in touch for all future award opportunities”.

Walter De Schutter, Newman Landscapes


We have a success win rate of 41%; that’s 310% ABOVE industry average!

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