What is an Award Planner and Do You Need One?

Preparation is key when thinking about entering business awards, but what is an award planner and why do you need one?  

In this post, we talk about what an award planner is and why you need one if you’re serious about entering awards in the future.   


So, what is an award planner?  

An award planner is a bespoke comprehensive guide that covers usually the next 12 months of business awards that are relevant to your industry.  It is based on the unique successes and achievements within your business and helps you to plan your resources effectively.   

Entering business awards takes a lot of time and on occasion, a fair amount of money too.  So, an award planner will help you to take all of this into account and decide if it is the right time to enter for your business’ current position.   


How does it work?  

Usually, when you use an award planning service there are steps that will be followed in order to get the most out of it for your business, these can include:  

  • An initial meeting, either in person or via Zoom, aimed at exploring your business, future plans and goals, accomplishments over the past 12 months, and your overall aspirations regarding awards. 
  • A comprehensive award planner will be crafted and sent directly to you. It will detail a number of different awards, organised chronologically by deadline date, along with category and criteria information, entry requirements, details about previous winners, dinner arrangements, and any associated costs stipulated by the award organisers. 
  • A one-on-one review meeting will be scheduled to thoroughly go through the calendar, discuss potential opportunities, and pinpoint target awards for application. 



Why do you need an award planner?  

If you’re thinking of entering awards in the next year, but haven’t entered any before, or have but you didn’t get the result you were hoping for and need a little guidance, then you need an award planner.   

Not only will it help with getting organised and on top of the planning process, but it will also free up a lot of the time required when researching and writing your submission.  If you already have all the information to hand on what awards you are going to enter and what the entry requirements are, then you’ll already be halfway there.  

Deciding what awards will be best to enter for your industry and where you’re currently at in your business can be a confusing task, especially if you don’t know much about business awards. However, an award planner will be your bible when it comes to your awards journey.   


Benefits of an Award Planner

There are many benefits to using an award planner with the most important one being forward planning.  It allows you to plan out your entire year within the awards space, giving you a greater chance of success from having more time to research and prepare your entries.  Not only will it allow you to plan the awards you are going to enter by having all the dates you need, but you can also plan your marketing strategies around them too and bring your clients on your awards journey with you.   

Another benefit of using an award planner is it gives you clear and outlined goals for the future.  It allows to set clear targets for your business and team members to be involved with and a benchmark of excellence to strive for.  In turn, this can increase employee focus and productivity because everyone will be working together to achieve this level of recognition.   


Final Thoughts  

In order to have a successful awards journey, preparation is the most significant step and without it you risk not even making it to the shortlist.  By using an award planner, it ensures that you will get ahead of the game.  As mentioned, it will give you an outline of the time and budget needed when entering different awards and a timeline for the year in which to do so.   

Understanding what awards are relevant for your business and ensuring you meet the criteria are the most important, but often most confusing parts of entering, which is why you need to take time to outline this first.  

Here at Pure Awards, we offer a Strategic Award Planner service that outlines all of the above.   

If you would like to give your business the recognition and edge it deserves through awards, then contact us today to get your Strategic Award Planner.


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