Top Tips for Preparing Your Award Entry

Preparing your award entry can be confusing, but fear not, we’re here to help.  Whether you’re a seasoned award-goer, or it’s your first time entering, there are some things you should consider before starting.

In this piece, we’re outlining some of the best practices when preparing your award entry in order to impress the judges.


  • Choose the right category – You need to tell your story in the most compelling way and ensure it meets the correct criteria, so consider these points when choosing what category is best to enter:

– What has been your business journey since it started?

– What are your top three achievements / success stories in the last 12 months? (Financial growth, new teams, invested in equipment, expansion, innovation).

– What makes you different from your competitors; Know your USP and understand what your marketplace looks like.


  • Move the deadline – We suggest moving the deadline forward at least a week in your diary to allow for any unknown circumstances.  Block out around 12 hours to gather evidence, write the entry, proofread the submission and amend accordingly, and prepare the supporting material. It’s always best to be fully prepared, rather than panicking at the last minute.


  • Be wise with your time – When planning use the ’10:1 rule’, and get the most difficult tasks done first to avoid procrastination.  A principle we highly recommend using is from the book ‘Eat That Frog’ by Brian Tracy, which involves disciplining yourself to do the hardest, most important tasks first on your list in order to achieve your goal.  Get your entry done early on so that you have plenty of time to edit if needed.


  • Decide how you’ll write – Either write in the first or third person and stick with it throughout.


  • Begin with a strong evidence-based statement – Capture the attention of the judges, then use the rest of the wordcount to explain the detail.  This sets your entry off to a great start by engaging the judges straight away and will more than likely make you stand out.


  • Explain – Explain everything as fully as you can on how and why you meet that criteria point.  We often say it’s a little like GCSE English.  Read the question, then read it again before answering.


  • Focus on the key evidence – Establish the key evidence you need to back up any claims made.  Ensure that the evidence it relevant and in keeping with the points you have made.


  • Tell your story – In as much detail as possible whilst keeping in the wordcount tell your story, as the judges won’t know your business. It’s your job to give them the bigger picture.  Focus on the points that make your business unique and stand out, write about your achievements that are relevant to the category you have chosen.


  • The entry itself – Within the criteria you need to breakdown the question into specific points, divide the wordcount by the number of key criteria points, and use sub-headings to help frame the answers and keep you on track with content.


  • Remember, less is more – When writing, you don’t need to go overboard as this will make you go way over the wordcount. Keep things concise as possible.


  • Proofread – Then proofread again.  Sometimes, the difference between winning and losing can simply be down to grammatical errors, so ensure that your writing is correct.  If grammar isn’t your strongest point, either get a friend or fellow businessperson to read over your entry or seek out a professional proofreading service.


Final Thoughts

Remember to stick to the specific criteria and be concise in what you are explaining.

We hope you found these tips useful, but do not fear, help is here. If you still need help writing your entry, or you have completed it, but need some guidance we can help. Our full award writing service and check and send proof reading service are both available.

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