Top 5 Time Management Tips

Good time management is so important when it comes running a business smoothy, but it’s also key when it comes entering awards.  Read on to find out our top 5 time management tips and how you can implement them within your business and your award strategy.


Firstly, what are they?

  1. The 10-Minute Rule
  2. Stopping Avoidance Behaviour
  3. Single Handling Technique
  4. ‘Eat That Frog’
  5. Planning – The 10:1 Rule


  • The 10-Minute Rule – The 10-minute rule is a simple technique that is often used to reduce procrastination. The idea is that you set a timer for 10 minutes and begin working on an easy task that can ideally be finished within the 10 minutes.  Once the timer has gone off, you should then ask yourself whether you feel able to continue working, or whether you perhaps need a short break.  If you can keep working, great! If you’re not in the right mindset, it is advised to take a quick break and either go for a walk, grab a snack, or do something that isn’t related to your work.  This method helps to foster motivation because it can feel rewarding to complete each task.  After the 10 minutes is up, this can then be built up to another 10 minutes, and another, and so on.  Before you know it, you’ll have done a good chunk of work whilst keeping focused.
  • Stopping Avoidance Behaviour – Avoidance behaviours often come in the form of avoiding certain tasks on purpose, either because you are distracted, or don’t feel fully engaged with them. There are several causes of avoidance behaviour including burnout, distraction, not being engaged in the task or job, or finding a task too difficult and frustrating.  Some ways of reducing work avoidance are adjusting your work environment to limit distractions and disturbances, creating daily to-do lists and ensuring the highest priority tasks get completed first, and working on your mindset to allow for better states of flow and concentration.
  • Single Handling Technique – This technique is good for those who try to multitask, which then often leads to many things being done poorly as a result of spreading your energy and time too thinly. The single handling technique means staying fully focused on the most important task until it is complete.  By selecting the highest priority task on your list and concentrating on it entirely, you can increase your productivity levels overall.  When you start and stop a task several times, it actually harms your productivity level and in turn takes much longer to complete it, as opposed to giving it your full, undivided attention until it is complete.
  • ‘Eat That Frog’ – Author Brian Tracey explains in his book ‘East That Frog’, that your ‘frog’ is the task that you will most likely procrastinate on because it is the biggest, most important, or most challenging task on your list. By ‘eating that frog’, in other words he suggests starting with the biggest task first in your day.  That way you avoid procrastination and the rest of the tasks throughout your day seem easier and less intimidating because you have already gotten the most difficult one out of the way.
  • Planning – The 10:1 Rule – This one outlines the idea that by taking 1 hour to plan and prep, you give yourself 10 hours back in the future. So, for example, by investing in writing one award, you will help save time later on for the future as this can be repurposed.  Being properly prepared is the key to success, and this is very much true when it comes to awards.



Final Thoughts

These tips are some of our favourites for time management, especially when it comes to award writing.  Entering business awards requires proper planning and preparation, so implementing some of these tips can really help to keep you on track.

However, if you need further assistance with your awards strategy, contact us here.

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