Pros and Cons of DIY Business Awards vs Hiring a Professional

This week Pure Awards discusses the pros and cons of DIY business awards vs hiring a professional.   

Recognition is an incredibly important powerful tool for businesses, with awards helping to boost your company’s credibility, motivate your team, and enhance your brand’s reputation. But when it comes to acquiring these honours there are two main options: DIY or hiring a professional award writer.   

Read on to find out which approach will suit your business best.   


DIY Business Awards 

There are a few important things to consider when writing your own award entries and we urge you to think carefully about it before diving in to make sure that it’s the best decision for your business.   


  • Cost-Effective: DIY awards entries are often the most budget-friendly option since you won’t need to pay for professional services. This can be helpful for smaller businesses or start-ups who may just be getting established and have limited resources.   
  • In-House Expertise: No one knows your business better than you do. Writing the entry in-house allows you to highlight your company’s unique strengths and accomplishments with a personal touch. 
  • Control and Customisation: You have more control over the entry process, meaning you can customise your application to align with your specific goals and values, ensuring that the content accurately reflects your company’s mission. Although, it’s important to keep in mind that your entry must still be in line with what the judges are looking for.   
  • Learning Opportunity: Crafting award entries can be a very educational experience. It can help you to better understand your business’s strengths and areas for improvement as you articulate them for an award application.  The insights alone that you gain when entering an award is such a huge benefit.   



  • Time-Consuming: Preparing an award submission can be hugely time-consuming, taking away valuable hours from your core business operations.  You don’t want to be counter-productive by letting your business suffer, all by trying to enter an award as it can easily lead to burnout.  
  • Limited Industry Knowledge: You may lack knowledge of what specific award committees are looking for, leading to a less competitive submission and potentially resulting in your business missing out on opportunities. 
  • Subjectivity: The evaluation process for awards can be highly subjective. Without professional guidance, you might struggle to communicate your achievements effectively and lose sight of what is needed. 


Hiring a Professional Awards Submission Service 

This option isn’t for everyone, but if you are serious about wanting to get some awards under your belt, this may be the right path to go down.   


  • Expertise: Professional awards writers have extensive experience and knowledge within the industry. They understand what award committees are looking for and can craft compelling submissions that are more likely to win. 
  • Time Savings: By outsourcing the entry process, you can focus on your core business activities. Writing an award entry can be hugely time-consuming, so this will allow you to maintain productivity and efficiency within your business without diverting too much attention to award applications. 
  • Higher Success Rate: With experts by your side, the chances of winning awards increase greatly. Being experts in the industry, they know how to showcase your strengths, and your uniqueness, making your submissions more competitive. 
  • Industry Connections: Professionals often have established relationships with award organisations and judges, which can further enhance your chances of success.   



  • Cost: Hiring a professional award writer to handle your awards submissions can sometimes be a costly endeavour. Depending on the service you require, this can be a significant expense for your business. 
  • Loss of Personal Touch: While professionals can create polished submissions and do their upmost to put themselves in your shoes, they may not be as intimately familiar with your business’s unique aspects as you are, potentially resulting in a less personal representation. 
  • Risk of Over-Reliance: Relying on professionals for awards submissions can sometimes lead to you becoming disconnected from your business and the recognition it receives. You may become overly dependent on these services, which can be a long-term disadvantage. 



Making the decision is all up to you and what your business needs at the time you plan to enter awards.  Writing DIY submissions or hiring a professional is a critical choice but one we hope to have made you more aware of. It’s important to consider the resources you have available, how familiar you are with the awards process and awarding body, and the specific goals you are wanting to achieve.   

Combining both approaches, when feasible, is often an optimal strategy. DIY entries can serve as a foundation, with professional services fine-tuning and maximising your chances of success. Ultimately, the choice should align with your business’s unique needs and priorities. 

We have a range of services available depending on your needs.  These include our full award writing service if DIY awards aren’t your thing, or if you have limited resources at the time but want to ensure your DIY entry has that final polish that the judges will be looking for, then our Check and Send Service is a more affordable option for you.   

If you need more information or have any questions regarding which option is best for you, get in touch today. 



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