Pros and Cons of Content Writing

In this article we discuss the pros and cons of content writing and how to do it effectively without burning out.


Like anything, content writing isn’t free of pros and cons, so let’s dive in.

Pros of Content Writing:

  • Flexibility – Content writing is completely flexible and can be done almost anywhere, be that an office, home, coffee shop, or if you’re lucky, even a tropical beach. It allows for remote working, which can attract clients worldwide.
  • Creativity – Content writing is a wholly creative skill that allows for expression through engaging words. A good content writer will be able to craft compelling content that connects to with readers.
  • Variety – Content writers are often skilled in various styles, meaning they can turn their hand to different projects depending on the needs of a company. Some companies have a light-hearted and conversational style, whereas others are more formal and professional.  Being able to do various styles and well can be very helpful for a business and its marketing.
  • Reliability – As those who share reliable sources of information, content writers are often seen as trustworthy people. Readers rely on them to provide accurate information on a range of subjects, and this is usually due to the amount of research that goes into various pieces of content.  This helps to build brand awareness and loyalty for businesses.


Cons of Content Writing:

  • Deadlines – Often there are tight deadlines to meet when it comes to content writing as a lot of businesses have certain time-sensitive aspects to share with their customers. This can cause stress if there are a lot of deadlines to meet simultaneously for varying projects.
  • Lack of Inspiration – Because content writing is so closely linked with creativity, it is very easy to find a lack of inspiration occasionally, more commonly known as writer’s block. This can also be the case if a content writer has projects on an unfamiliar subject, or a topic that isn’t of much interest to them.  It is important to keep things fresh with new ideas, but also relevant to what the reader is looking for.
  • Time – If a content writer is unfamiliar with a certain subject, it will take a lot of time to research before the writing stage can even begin. As we mentioned above, things need to be relevant and engaging for readers and misinformation can cause a lot of upset. Researching is key to ensure that the information being shared is correct and up to date.
  • Burnout – As with any creative field, content writers are at risk of burnout. Within today’s highly technical and social world, the ever-changing algorithms can be exhausting to keep up with, especially for writers, so finding a balance is really important to avoid this.
  • Algorithms – Online algorithms are changing constantly so in order for content writers to keep relevant they need to keep up with these trends in order to stay visible.
  • Amendments and Feedback – Feedback can sometimes be challenging to navigate as different businesses will require different things. Regardless, it’s important for businesses and content writers to work together to achieve the end result of engaging content.  However, sometimes because it is such a creative field, there can be negative outcomes until everything has been revised and finalised.



Final Thoughts

Content writing is important for all businesses if they want to be successful.  However, burnout is very real and something that you should be aware of.  Taking regular breaks, exploring different forms of inspiration, continuing to learn the trade, and keeping ahead of algorithms can all help to minimise the risk of burnout and find a healthy balance for content writers.

Some businesses will be lucky to have skilled content writers on their team, but if that isn’t you, get in touch today to find out about our content packages and how we can help propel your business.


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