How to turn AI content into your own brand voice

AI is an incredibly useful tool to be using, but with so much content out there already, how can you make sure that you’re staying authentic within your business? In this post, we’re discussing how to turn AI into your own brand voice and why it’s important to do so.

In a previous post, we spoke about how we’re using AI as a tool and not solution, because we believe it is just that, a tool.  AI shouldn’t be seen as something to heavily rely on within your business, but as something that can aid in improving your day-to-day.

AI should not be used in place of real human experience, nor should you just copy and paste whatever it has churned out, because that would be seen as plagiarism.  The way that AI works is that it’s trained using specific sets of instructions and follows certain algorithms and patterns.


How to use AI

In order to make the most out of AI technology, it should be used as a guide and something that can help you to gain inspiration and traction.  But it so important to take the information it gives you and turn it into your own brand voice.  Without that, you risk losing your brand identity.

  • Stay Authentic – Staying authentic to your brand identity helps to both foster and maintain the trust that your clients and customers have in you. If you suddenly start to sway from what they expect, you risk losing them as they will no longer identify with your values.  This needs to be considered when using AI throughout your business and marketing simply because the content you put out needs to in line with your brand.  For example, if your brand has a carefree, relaxed feel, customers will feel put off if you start being too formal or using language they won’t understand.  Equally, if your brand is quite technical and professional, the same would likely happen you became too causal.


  • Edit – With that being said about maintaining your authenticity, it is crucial to edit the content that AI produces. Use it as inspiration for the final piece of content, but make sure you rework it to have your brand identity and voice, that it flows and that you proofread it correctly.  All of these are simple steps but needed to avoid your content becoming poor.  AI content is often very repetitive and tends to be in a list form, so you must ensure the structure of your final piece of content is interesting and engages the viewer.


  • Humanise Content – As we mentioned above, AI is not a replacement for human experience and the human touch we all need to see within content. Make sure your content has that authentic human touch that your customers will relate to.  If things seem too polished or robotic, it will very quickly turn their attention away and you may even lose their custom.  Always remember the goal behind each piece of content you create and share – are you trying to inform, build engagement, deliver emotion, sell your product? Keep this in mind and think about what the person viewing your content is thinking.


  • Prompts – In order to generate better and more consistent results with AI, you need to think about the prompts you are giving it. The more specific the prompt, the better the response will be.  With platforms such as ChatGPT, you are able to go into the settings and customise the results to be more individualised to your business.  If a prompt hasn’t given you the result you were looking for, think about hoe you can ask Ai to go into more detail, or how it can fit with your brand voice more.


Final Thoughts

AI is definitely something you need to be learning how to use within your business, but it is important not to become lazy with it.  Use it as it is intended to be used – to make things easier, improve efficiency and streamline your processes.

If you need help transforming your AI content into something that fits with your brand voice, get in touch with us today about our professional proofreading services.

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