In this week’s blog we talk about how to create engaging content as a service-based business with real tips that you can implement straight away.


How to Create Engaging Content as a Service-Based Business

Being a service-based business can come with its own set of challenges when it comes to your content and social media marketing – but fear not, we are here with tips on how to create engaging content that will put your services in the spotlight.

When thinking about what content to put out there for your potential customers and clients, its important to ensure that it addresses two main pain points; your service can solve a problem they are experiencing, and it answers any queries they may have. 


Some may argue that having a product-based business is easier when it comes to content and marketing, because of the physical products and how they can be styled and photographed to portray what their customers need.  However, just because a service-based business doesn’t have any physical products that doesn’t mean you can’t market it just as well.

A study has shown that over 80% of people in the UK make their purchases online, so as a service-based business it is just as important to market yourselves within the online space to make customers aware of your brand and what you offer.



Content Ideas for your Service-Based Business

Creating good-quality, engaging and consistent content as a service-based business can be quite difficult, but here are some ideas on what you can post:

  • Tutorial Videos – This is a great form of content that you can create to help educate your customers about your services and what they entail. Video is huge right now and over 66% of people find short form videos to be the most engaging and easy to consume form of content.  Use this to your advantage and create ‘how-to’ videos that go into more depth about the services you provide.
  • Q&A Videos – Another form of video that is great to utilise is Q&A videos. Similar to tutorial videos, Q&As can be a short form of content that is the perfect way of addressing some of the most common questions that arise from customers without having to constantly reply to comments and emails of the same questions, saving you precious time in the long run.  These videos can then also be repurposed and placed onto your website under an FAQ section, that way you are providing your customers with a really simple and user-friendly experience when they are going through the buying process.
  • Testimonials – Testimonials provide potential customers with real proof of why they should choose your business over your competitors to meet their needs. My Business on Google and Trustpilot are well-known, popular sites that people find trustworthy, so asking for reviews from customers can really help to solidify your brand and its reputation.  You can then use these testimonials as part of your marketing strategy to demonstrate why customers should chose you.  Almost 70% of people will read reviews before making a purchase, so don’t miss out on this opportunity by not sharing valuable testimonials.
  • Email Newsletters – Email marketing can be a good way to keep any existing customers up to date on the latest things that are happening within your business. Announcing any new services or updates via an email newsletter can reach a lot of people quickly.  You should have a section on your website and social media pages that allows customers to subscribe to your newsletters to keep them informed.
  • Behind-the-scenes – People love behind the scenes and ‘a day in the life of’ videos and these can be very engaging forms of content because of the real-life and relatable feel they can give off. It’s a good way of highlighting the human side of your business and your team and shows the everyday life of what goes on in your business.
  • Mistakes to Avoid – Customers want to know that their problems can be solved by using your services, and so by concentrating some of your content on mistakes people should be avoiding with ‘XYZ’ it can help them connect with you, whilst showing them that your services can address the problems they have.
  • Book Recommendations – If you have any books that changed the way you think, then why not share them with your customers? Book recommendations are a really easy content idea because it doesn’t require too much time to create. Simply film a video or post a photo of the books you recommend with a caption explaining why you loved it and put a link in there to where they can purchase the book from – bonus if it’s related to the services that you offer.  This is a great way to provide your customers with further education on why your business and services are the right fit for them during the buying process.



  • Create content that is educational for your customers.
  • Give real-life examples of how your services have helped others.
  • Help your customers understand what your business provides by making tutorials on how your services can support them.
  • Make your content visually pleasing (because you aren’t selling a product it’s important to make sure the content you do put out is visually captivating so that it grabs people’s attention).


Final Thoughts

When creating content of any kind for your service-based business, it is important to keep in mind the main purpose of what you are posting.  You need to connect with your customers and their problems and give them a solution to those problems – your customers want to feel like their problems have been addressed and can be solved easily.

Most of the content ideas above can be repurposed and posted on various social media platforms including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, as well as posting blogs on your website and using an email newsletter for subscribers.  Don’t be afraid to post the same content throughout because you cannot always assume that your customers will find your services through just one platform.


If you’d like more information on how our content creation service can help your service-based business, then get in touch today.

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