How to Celebrate Your Business Award Win

Winning a business award is a huge achievement and one that you should be very excited to share and in this article, we highlight the key points on how to celebrate your business award win.   

It’s important for you to recognise and celebrate your award win because otherwise, why did you enter? You should be sharing your success with your clients, team and followers, and spreading the word.   


After the Awards Night

Acknowledge Your Team – One of the first things you should do when you celebrate your award business win is to thank and congratulate your team.  Most often, it is their achievements that play a huge roll in the award win and without them your business wouldn’t run smoothly, so acknowledge this and celebrate with them.  This will help bring a positive sense of community and work culture throughout the team and allow their hard work to be recognised.   


Share on Your Social Media – The next important step in celebrating your award win is by posting it across all your social media channels and expressing your gratitude.  This could also include writing a blog post and or newsletter to spread the word.  You should highlight some of the key points from your awards entry and why it has made you stand out from the competition.  Think about sharing your reason for entering the award in the first place and what it feels like to receive this recognition.  After you have posted on your company socials, you could also encourage your team members to share across theirs as well.  Not only will this help to increase repeat business with current clients, but also help to drive referrals your way from people who may not have known about you previously.   


Update Your Website and Marketing Materials – After your award win, you should be updating your website with the award badge to show clients your new position and this also includes any marketing materials and livery.  Not only will this help to reinforce your award win, but it enables new clients to see the kind of standard that you operate at.   


Host a Celebration and Enjoy – Celebrate with your team by organising a celebration internally.  This could be a lunch, evening out or some form of team building day.  You’ve all worked so hard and it’s time to enjoy those achievements.  Use this as an opportunity to help strengthen the team bond and boost morale.   


Thank Your Clients – Just like it’s important to thank your team, you should also be thanking your clients, current and past.  Their support and partnership within your business has played a role in your success too, so showing your appreciation for them will go a long way.   


Congratulate Other Finalists – You’ve won which is great news your business, however, it can be a little gutting when you don’t win.  The best way to be humble and show that you aren’t arrogant about your award win is by being kind and congratulating all other finalists.  They’ll often remember the kind gesture and that will go a long way when it comes to networking outside of your circle.   


Network – An award win gives you so many opportunities to network with others, including other industry professionals, investors and potential new clients.  Not only will your award win allow you to connect to these people, but you can also host events or conferences and share your insights within your industry.   


In Conclusion  

Be proud, yet humble when sharing the news of your award win.  An article by Forbes mentions that it’s important to celebrate without it coming across as bragging.  You want to show your gratitude for everyone involved in your award win without it seeming conceited.   

Alongside sharing across your social media, you should also be sharing a press release to showcase your new status.  If you would like help constructing a press release, then get in touch with us today.

You should celebrate your business award win, after all, it is the icing on the cake and is the difference between simply winning the award and showing that you deserve the award.  Don’t let it sit on your shelf and just gather dust, so to speak, share your achievements and the celebration continue long after the awards night!    

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