This week, Pure Awards talks about website content, and how often you should be updating this as a small business. 


How regularly should you update your website content/copy? 

Fresh, relevant content on your website is the number one way to drive traffic to your brand and give your business the attention it deserves. Not only does an active website look professional to potential customers, but by keeping your content up to date, you and your business are placed higher in Google and other search engine rankings. 

How often should you update your web content? Well, there’s no real answer to that. It depends on your business, the type of content you upload, as well as many other factors. The aim of this post is to help you understand the importance of web content, the best type of content for your business, and why updating it is so important to your brand. 


Why is website content so important? 

Web content is potentially the most important aspect of your website. If done right, active and relevant content can massively increase the exposure of your business to potential customers or followers. On the same line, inconsistent and outdated posts can negatively affect both the growth of your business, as well as your business image.  

Think of website content as your way of bringing personality to your business and brand. Keeping your website users constantly informed of current trends or new offers gives them a reason to keep coming back to you. With so many businesses out there, you need to make yours stand out from the crowd. Blogs, videos and other forms of web content can be a simple yet incredibly effective way of doing this. 


Why should you update your website content? 

Consistently updated websites perform better than less active ones. It’s true, and a lot more impactful than you might first believe! To add on to this, not only your website should be considered when updating content. Posting on social media is equally as important for branching out your business. With platforms such as Instagram and TikTok ever-increasing their number of users, you should be looking to expand your business content to as many sites and in as many formats as possible. For a deeper look into the social media side of posting content, check out our recent blog on how often you should post on social media as a small business 


Below is a list of reasons to update your website content, as well as what it will provide you and your business: 

  • Staying Relevant 

Keeping up to date is possibly the most important reason for updating your website content. If your topics aren’t relevant, why would a potential customer or follower spend their time reading them? You need to provide your website users the most current and relevant information in that market. Fresh, compelling content drives traffic to your website and keeps users coming back. 

  • Keeping up with Trends 

Keeping up with current trends goes a lot further than just the topic you’re writing about. Colours, fonts, and modern images are some of the first features of your website that users will notice. This is especially important after considering the fact that users spend an average of 5.94 seconds looking at a website’s main image, and 5.59 seconds looking at a website’s written content. When it comes to getting the attention of your website users, looks can often be more important than what’s underneath. 

  • SEO Optimised Content 

Another unbelievably important reason for keeping your website’s content up to date is SEO optimisation. In case you don’t know what this is, search engine optimisation (SEO) is the science of getting pages to rank higher in search engines such as Google. Most of the time this involves optimising a piece of content to a specific keyword or keywords. Outdated content would mean outdated keywords on your older posts – which is not good if you’re wanting new customers to ever find your website. This doesn’t mean you have to post a blog every single day, but keeping your content relevant and consistently updated will massively help your business expand. 


So, how often should your business have its web content updated? 

As I mentioned at the start of this blog, there’s no real answer to how often your content needs updating on your website. However, the more relevant, modern content you post, the more your business will grow. It obviously depends on the businesses. Some will need to update content daily to keep up with changing products and offers, whilst some may only need to make changes or update blogs monthly. However, no matter your business size or type, a consistent, fresh and constant amount of content should always be your goal. 

Keeping up with the online side of your business can be a big challenge, most likely taking up a large portion of your time. If you’re looking for help with managing this huge aspect of your business, feel free to get in touch with us! 


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