So, how often should you post on social media as a small business?

Running a business is incredibly time consuming with so many aspects to keep track of, and social media being one of them.   

It can be challenging to find the time to dedicate to your social media and marketing content, especially if you’re a smaller business and do not have as many staff members to delegate to.  However, social media has rapidly become one of the biggest tools within your marketing toolbelt and in order to gain new exposure to potential leads and increase your sales, you need to be reserving a certain amount of time to focus on your content per week.   

With social media it is all too easy to post sporadically and think that the sales will come flooding in, however, this is certainly not the case.   

Different social platforms have different algorithms to be aware of and therefore this is something to take note of when creating your social media strategy.   


What are the best platforms to post on?  

The main forms of social media you should be considering if you do not already have them are:  

  • LinkedIn  
  • Instagram  
  • Facebook  
  • TikTok  
  • Pinterest  
  • Twitter  


Your social media strategy will all depend on your type of business and the services or products that you provide.  If your products or services are very visual then Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest and great places to post on.  If you’re a business with more traditional services, then Facebook and Twitter are good places to promote them. LinkedIn has a huge market for promoting yourself and your business and is a great place if you’re also looking to hire employees.   

It is recommended that businesses should have multiple forms of social media platforms to be able to reach even wider, simply because most consumers and clients will also be on most platforms.   


So, how often should you post? 

The recommended amount you should post per week on each platform are:  

  • LinkedIn – 1-2 times per day  
  • Instagram – 3-5 times per week on your feed and 1-2 stories per day  
  • Facebook – 1-2 times per day  
  • TikTok – 3-5 times per week  
  • Pinterest – At least once a week  
  • Twitter – 2-3 times per day  


These may vary depending on your actual business, but the most important thing is to find a schedule that works for you and be consistent with it!  

Something to note is that you don’t have to create completely new ideas for each social media post on all the varying platforms.  It is okay and encouraged to repurpose your content onto the platforms, making it easier to plan and schedule.   

There are also various apps available that enable you to schedule your content for a later date, meaning that you can spend a certain amount of time on planning and creating it, and set it up to post whilst you then work on other parts of your business.   


Posting frequently across your social media platforms will increase your chances of becoming more noticed and in turn, increases your sales and overall business profile.  Make time to create a plan of how often you will post to begin with whilst you’re just starting out, and then over time, this can increase more frequently when you have gained a bigger following and found your rhythm in what you post and when.   


If you’re looking to increase your social media presence and marketing, but currently cannot spare the time, then get in touch with us to find out how we can help!  


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