Easy Tips for Staying Organised

Staying organised in the day-to-day running of your business can sometimes be a challenge. You’re often wearing so many different hats, regardless of your position within the business, so staying organised is really important.  

We all know that being organised makes life easier and allows things to flow better, but we’re also guilty of often letting things get in the way.  

In this edition we wanted to share with you some of the simple tips for staying organised that we love, and wouldn’t be without!  


So, let’s dive in…  

  • Making lists – To-do lists are your best friend when it comes to staying organised and on top of tasks. They enable you to brain-dump everything onto paper (or on a digital list using apps such as Trello, or Asana), which then frees your mind up to focus on the task at hand without running the risk of forgetting something.  
  • Start with the most important tasks – It’s key to prioritise your tasks from most to least important. It’s all too easy to procrastinate on the tasks you find the most challenging or daunting, or even boring. A technique we find really useful is ‘Eat That Frog’. In theory, the ‘frog’ is the biggest and most important task on your list, so by doing that task first, you will be setting yourself up for success for the remainder of the day, rather than procrastinating.  
  • Delegate Tasks – If you have a team then this is an easy way of freeing up your time, however, if you are the sole person within your business, it’s important to still delegate tasks. If you’re struggling to get everything done on your list, remember you are only one person. A good way to manage this is by seeking help from outside sources such as a personal assistant, a social media manager, an accountant, and so on. If you try and do everything yourself it will only end in burn out.  
  • Time Block Your Diary – Time blocking entails allocating set amounts of time for certain activities per day, which will allow you to stay focused and avoid multitasking. You will be more organised and productive by giving your full attention to one task at a time, rather than partial attention on several tasks. We know multitasking is very tempting because you feel as though you are getting more done, but it actually just leads to poor quality work and effort levels.  
  • Schedule Regular Breaks – By setting regular breaks throughout your day you allow your mind a rest from the task and some time to reset. Every few hours you should take at least a 15 minute break away from your screen to get some fresh air and stretch your body, as this will help to establish a healthy work balance and keep you feeling alert.  
  • Keep Your Workspace Free of Clutter – A cluttered workspace only leads to a cluttered mind. By keeping your workspace clean and tidy it will allow you to to focus more on the task at hand, rather than getting easily distracted by the things around you.  
  • Limit Distractions – Speaking of distractions, in order to be more organised and focused, you need to limit distractions – whatever that looks like to you. Distractions can come in many forms, but the biggest are usually your phone or emails. If this is something you struggle with throughout the work day, try turning on ‘Do not disturb’, or putting your phone in your desk drawer. As for emails, try setting a certain time that you will check them throughout the day and put your ‘Out of office’ on for the remainder of the day.  


We hope you find these tips helpful in creating a healthy and balanced work day.  If you’re struggling to maintain organisation within your business and need a helping hand with any content needs, get in touch with us.


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