The difference between copywriting and content writing, and why you should use both

There are a few main differences between copywriting and content writing that you should be aware of within your business when it comes to written forms of marketing.

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Copywriting is primarily used for the purpose of advertisement and marketing.  The main aim of copywriting is to not only increase your brand awareness, but to persuade the target audience to take action.  This action can range from purchasing a product or even scheduling a call with a company about their services.  Copy tends to be snappier and shorter, and used to create a sense of urgency and/or emotion, examples of which are advertisements and product descriptions.

When using copywriting within your business it must follow your own style and voice, have a headline or ‘hook’ that will engage the readers and finish with a ‘call to action’ in order to make the reader do just that.

Copywriters are experts in getting the target audience to react to the marketing material.

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Content Writing

Whilst content writing also to uses persuasive language to engage with the readers, primarily the main goal is to be informative and create interest.  Content writing is typically a lot longer with some forms being over 1000 words, some examples of content writing are things such as blogs, social media posts, guides or courses and articles.

Usually, it is for more educational and entertainment purposes, and is best for driving more organic traffic to your business.


How Can They Benefit Your Business?

As a business you will require forms of both copywriting and content writing to reach your customers, but it is important to make sure you are using the correct type.  If you are wanting to show off a new product and gain new some customers, then copywriting would be better suited.  However, if you are wanting to connect with your audience more, or create a course or guide, then content writing would be the best form.

There are crossovers within the two forms of writing, and they are often interchangeable throughout your business.  For example, let’s say you’ve created a ‘How To’ guide for your audience and you want to market this to make sure you get the best interaction and sales.  This is when copywriting would then come in to play.  You would want to promote the guide via advertisements, which could be through email marketing, flyers, targeted social media posts and even videos.

The main difference to remember is that content writing is to inform, and copywriting is to sell.  But to get the most out of your business, it is important to use both within your marketing strategies.


Professional content and copywriters will morph themselves into your business in order to best portray your products/services and your story, whilst maintaining your integrity.

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