Why We Are Using AI As A Tool, Not A Solution

Today we’re talking about why, as copywriting company, we are using AI as a tool, not a solution.

We feel transparency is key within business and wanted to highlight why we use AI as part of our business toolbelt.


What is AI?

Most of you will know what AI is by now, but in case you’re unsure – AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is a branch of computer science that can stimulate human intelligence.  Surprisingly, it has been around a lot longer than you may realise.  And you will already be using forms of AI without even knowing too, such as when Netflix or Spotify recommends new shows or playlists for you, or even the search algorithm on Google.


But why are we using AI as a business now?

AI offers incredible technology that enables companies to streamline their processes, which enhances efficiency and allows them to dive deeper into data on how they are performing.

It is important to remember, however, that AI is based on algorithms and patterns, meaning it is only as effective as the data it is trained on and the specific instructions it is given.

As an award writing and content creation agency, our expertise lies within copywriting and strategic messaging.  We primarily use forms of AI such as ChatGPT in order to save time on certain tasks.  Not only does it save time when creating content, it gives a nice starting point for those days when writer’s block hits or when we need a little inspiration! We use AI as a tool to aid with our work, not as a solution. 

Whilst we use AI as a tool from time to time, it does not and will not replace genuine human experience.  AI often makes mistakes and doesn’t always give out correct data, so we always edit the content we receive and tailor it specifically to our needs.

It would be all too easy to copy everything AI churns out and post it, but that is not why we use it.  We use it to assist in certain tasks and to help us generate ideas for our content.


Final Thoughts

As a business, authenticity and staying true to our core values is paramount to us, which is why we wanted to outline how we use AI.  Keeping our content ethical and original and being specific with how we use this technology within our business.

Our approach combines the power of AI tools with our years of knowledge and expertise within very niche areas in order to help us deliver the best possible service to our clients.  It also allows us to analyse our content more thoroughly to see what is working and what isn’t, which then lets us improve our content and our overall service.

All in all, AI isn’t just robots, and it isn’t something we should fear like the media tells us.  But it is a tool business’ should be utilising to help their day-to-day become more efficient and to keep ahead of the curve.


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